Thursday, 29 July 2010

Tiffany on Girls' Generation

"Hi members! We've been racing for three years, and we're here now at a nice place in leisure, shooting. We've been through a lot, and in the future, there'll be hardships and fights, but that's family.. to be honest, right? So let's care for one another more, understand more, pray more, and love more. Why? That's the advantage of being us! We're all we have, and you're all I have. Thank you and I'm glad to have you... As now in the future, and forever more.. Girls' Generation till the end!"

"I often use this metaphor. All of the SNSD members are like raw materials like grains, good quality fruits, or sweets. They’re delicious by themselves. However, when you cook all those ingredients together, you create a cake or dessert called “SNSD”. In that moment, it’s much more delicious. I want to be able to supply our fans with a wonderful flavor."

“Thank you to God, my Father, for sending Seo Joohyun, Kim Hyoyeon, Kwon Yuri, Im Yoona, Choi Sooyoung, Jung Sooyeon, Lee Soonkyu, and Kim Taeyeon to this silly kid named Miyoung who was lonely, going through a hard time, hurt, foolish, full of scars and full of jealousy. Just like you guys have melted my heart… let’s be happy viruses that give energy and spread love through our songs!! I’m always praying that God will bless you guys… And whatever difficulty might come at us, let’s never let go~ Right now… In the future… Forever… And also until “the very end of me”… it’s Girls Generation!”

"We’ve been close. But during our long hiatus, we grew closer to each other, like sisters. You may
notice how close we are, like when we are on stage."

"I think nine of us are a family, so I really don't feel lonely anymore."

"They say its lucky number seven, but lucky number nine is engraved in my head. If I think of a lucky number, its nine."

"We have good chemistry and strong teamwork, and I’d have to say that is the firm foundation of our group."